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Top 6 Mountain Bike Games Ever - It's a Pixel THING

Besides playing games, real Mountain Biking is an hobby of mine. The freedom and the sensation of almost being part of nature is something that inspires me and keeps me motivated. 


Developed by GreenTube, Mountainbike Challenge 2010 is a freeware title financed by in-game advertising.

Graphics are great, the controls are simple, but the music is a bit repetitive.

It still has a huge online community and thousands of people still play it online.

There’s only 5 tracks available, but, in a free game, what else could you ask? It’s freaking fun!

Go play it!

No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing (1999 – PS ONE) 

Developed by Unique Development Studios and released by Codemasters in 1999 for the PS ONE, No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing features 8 international tracks and 8 riders to choose from.

The tracks are long and based on real locations and you can customize your bike on almost every detail.

To win you need to conserve your energy, so try to maintain your speed at all time.

Reviews were really bad but, who cares? It’s made for people that love riding bicycles and not play freaking football!

Later, in 2001, was also available for the Game Boy Color. A planed Dreamcast version was canceled.

Mountain Bike Adrenaline (PS2 - 2007) 

Mountain Bike Adrenaline isn’t as bad as most people praise. It tries to be a real mountain bike simulator and, when you get used to the controls, its great fun.

Developed by Fresh 3D and released in 2008 by Nobilis, it has a sense of freedom that no other mountain bike game has to offer. And I love that feeling!

You control separately the front and the rear brakes and use automatic or manual shifting. 

Unfortunately, the physics engine is a piece of crap. The budget that the developers had for this title was really low compared to other games made for the PS2 at the time. So, they couldn’t use the Havok physics engine in this game. It was too expensive.

Those who are actual mountain bikers are the only ones that will probably enjoy this game’s open tracks.

It was ported, in 2008, for the PC.

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing (Android - 2014) 

Horizontal scroolers is what android and iOS games are all about! Simple and fun! And the graphics in this game are simply beautiful!

You compete in timed races or freestyle trick events on 19 different mountains and over 100 trails inspired by real world locations. 

You unlock better bikes and gear and try to be the King of the Mountain!
Physics are somewhat realistic and the ragdoll effect of the rider is awesome. 

When you crash, use your finger to pick up the rider and throw him even further watching him tumbling down the trail! So freaking hilarious!

Developed by BestFreeGames Inc. and released in May 2014, Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is a great piece of software that should always be in your pocket.


Mountain Bike Simulator or Mountain Bike 500 (ZX Spectrum – 1991) 

Published by Codemasters in 1991, Mountain Bike Simulator (aka Mountain Bike 500) was my first experience on a virtual mountain bike scenario.

It’s an horizontal scroller, just like actual Android and iOs games, that glued me to the ZX Spectrum for hours.

In a time that BMX bikes ruled, mountain bike started to gain followers spite the prohibitive price tag of the machines.

Obviously that this game fails to replicate the actual feel of riding a bike over rough terrain, but that would be a tad difficult to do on a Spectrum anyway.

You have to navigate through small and large bumps, jump over ditches and pools of water or oil. You only need to control the speed of the bike and whether you want to jump or wheelie or both.

There’s six levels of increased difficulty and it’s really hard to win in all of them, but the smoothness of the scrolling is what makes this game a winner.

The game received shitty reviews mainly because the sport was a novelty and, back then, either you buy a ZX Spectrum or a brand new mountain bike. You just couldn’t have them both. You’ll be bankrupt, that’s for sure!

Downhill Domination (PS2 – 2004) 

Donwhill Domination is simply my favorite mountain bike game of all time.

The action, the soundtrack, the graphics, the speed! Oh, man! Everything is amazing and super fun!

It’s totally an hidden gem and reviews were, as always in this sport, total crap. Guys that sit all days on their asses playing games and making reviews for websites and magazines should go out to the mountains more often!

Exclusive to the PlayStation 2, Downhill Domination was developed by Incognito Entertainment and released by Codemasters in 2004 in Europe and a year earlier in the US by Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

It’s based on fictional locations and riders, but you can unlock 5 professional racers, such as Brian Lopes and Eric Carter.

Due to the incline of the tracks, you’re always riding downhill and there’s 27 of them to conquer. You travel around the world from the Grand Canyon to Japan and there’s a bunch of different styles of riding from which to choose, including Freeride, Mountain Cross and Technical Downhill.

There’s some impressive and huge courses to play with an amazing level of detail and the environment changes often. In a minute you’re on the top of this mountain covered with snow and seconds later you’ll find yourself on a stony section or blasting your way through a mine shaft that leads to a completely different section again. There’s even polar bears, deers, vehicles and hikers that you can hit or be hit by.

This game was designed to be played fast and do stuff that you’ll normally won’t do in real life.

I simply enjoy exploring the wilderness and everything offroad related. Mountain biking is a thing that I really love to do ever since I learned to ride a bicycle.
Forever I’ve been on a lookout for mtb games that could keep me occupied in those cold winter Saturday mornings. 

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