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IBM Model M Mechanical Keyboard - It's a Pixel THING - Ep.#50

Finally I got my hands on one of these beauties! The IBM Model M mechanical keyboard is the forefather of modern keyboard design and the most enjoyable typing experience ever!

The Model M is considered the best keyboard ever manufactured. This particular one that I’ve managed to grab is from 1989 and features those awesome key caps and PS/2 detachable cable, not mentioning that amazing key stroke sounds produced by the buckling-spring mechanisms so particular to the Model M keyboard.

This beast weighs around 2 kilos, and, as you can see, it’s really dirty and was most likely been on a dark storage room in the past 15 years or so..  Poor thing!

Disassembly and cleaning the Model M is quite easy and a task not to be done under pressure. Just take your time and enjoy while you’re doing it!

So, let’s get to work!


(a couple hours later)

What a beauty! It feels like new and I can’t wait to try it out with my IBM PS/1 486 DX2!

The Model M was bundled with 8086 and 80286 IBM PS/2 computers from around 1987, but was originally introduced in 1985 as part of the IBM 3161 terminal, and it’s so durable and well-made that it will most likely be usable today, even after 30 years and probably half of that of use and abuse.

Tell me: do you know the exact date of manufacture of your actual keyboard? Well, this one was put together on the 12th of August of 1989! It can’t be more accurate than this! Every Model M keyboard comes with an ID and production date printed on a sticker on its back case and also on the inside.

The Model M is able to transmit that tactile feeling of the user-keyboard connection; it’s like driving a car and be able to feel the road surface all through the steering wheel. You know, that kind of feeling!

Just look at that proper full-sized space bar and long backspace key! Everything looks just right, with no windows or shut down keys that can accidently be pressed and ruin something that you’re working on.

This exact Model M was manufactured by IBM UK and I believe that these ones are the best Model Ms. Later, from 1993 onwards, Lexmark got the license to manufacture the Model M which features a blue IBM logo and fixed keyboard lead.

This is simply one of those pieces of hardware that are really “hard” to break and will certainly live longer than all of us! The only item that I think will be necessary to grab in the future is a Model M’s PS/2 to USB converter so that I can continue to play this awesome music!

So, guys, have you tried one of these? Do you own one? Just post below your thoughts and typing experiences you’ve had, or have, with IBM’s Model M mechanical keyboards.
Looking forward to your thoughts and comments!

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