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Kung Fury: Street Rage [2015, Windows / iOS / Android] Review - It's a Pixel THING - Ep.#53

Ten days after its worldwide released on youtube, Kung Fury has already more than thirteen million views!

Crowd funded through kickstarter, the movie tells, in 30 minutes, the story of a renegade cop who travels back in time to kill, no more nor less, Hitler! So, expect a lot of Nazis, Vikings and… wait for it… Dinosaurs!!!

Backed by more than seventeen thousand fans, this kickstarter campaign was launched in December of 2013 and gathered more than six hundred and thirty thousand dollars, three times more than its initial goal! An HD download and physical copy on blu-ray and DVD was shipped to backers of the project in November of 2014 and, now, 6 months later, everyone have the possibility to watch this amazing, hilarious and cheesy movie from writer, director and actor David Sandberg. Yes, David is the main star of this freaking cool movie!

Right after the movie’s première in Cannes and on youtube, was also made available on Steam the PC adaptation of the film, just like it would happen in late eighties and early nineties, except there was no steam or other type of online store back then!

Developed by Hello There, Kung Fury: Street Rage is a beat-em-up video game that features superb stereo music, amazing true color graphics and hordes of Nazis to beat!
That’s all we have to do, beat the crap out of all enemies that appear on screen by pressing the left and right buttons, or arrows on the keyboard, and try to get the highest score possible!
The best of all is that, visually, it’s simply amazing and gorgeous to look at! It feels like we’ve just travelled back in time and in an arcade saloon trying out this new game that has just arrived! Awesome stuff!

With tons of beat-em-up video game references “a la” Streets of Rage and even to the He-Man animated series, it features, also, a digital presence of the rock’n’roll “king” of the eighties David Hasselhoff with a Knight Rider twist. So, both movie and video game should be experienced by all nostalgic fan of this type of thing. Better saying, Kung Fury should be seen and played by everyone! This is what kickstarter is all about, funding projects that people really want to see, play, feel and touch! Not some pointless stuff that only guys with a tie around their necks think that will bring big money to their mighty corporations, deviate some to their own pockets and later be arrested for doing so!

Please, tell all your friends about this epic eighties adventure. Let’s make Kung Fury the video with more visualizations on youtube surpassing PSY with its Gangnam Style! The links to both movie and game are below.

And there are even iOS and Android versions of the game that plays, looks and sounds exactly the same as the one shown in this episode! And those portable versions are completely free!!

Do yourselves a favor and grab the game and the soundtrack! It’s really amazing and takes you right back to the eighties!

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