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The Intel 486 DX2-66 :: My Story and some Games | Ep. 188

Here's my story with the Intel 486 DX2-66 and some of my most played games back from those days.
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I grew up enjoying all Ray Harryhousen’s extraordinary movies with cutting edge stop motion technology and one of my favorite films of all time is Jason and the Argonauts. Ray left us a remarkable legacy of adventure and action packed titles that will prevail for many years to come.
So, where MYTH fits into all this? Well, if you played the ZED X Spectrum or Commodore 64 version back in 1989 or, this one, the Amiga version released in 1992, you’ll know what I’m trying to say. MYTH is a stupendous videogame title extremely based on Rays Harryousen’s movies. As seen on my last episode, videogames in the 80s were highly influenced by the movie industry.
Developed and released by UK based software house System 3 for the greatest machines of late 80s, its pinnacle is the Amiga version. This version was on development for over two years after the 8 bit versions were out. So, it had to be good!
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Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Andy Garcia joined forces to hunt down Robert De Niro in this amazing movie from 1987 under the direction of Brian De Palma. Two years later, Ocean Software, the masters in movie and arcade conversions, puts us through six levels of hoodlum hassling.
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The game was available for Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, MSX, DOS, NES and the Super NES, but the version that really stand out from the crowd was, besides the one for the ZED X Spectrum, the Commodore 64, that obtained 96% in Zzap!64 magazine.
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For the PC I’ve recently purchased this game through Steam, but I’ve also got the Amiga’s Kixx XL 1992 floppy re-release of this awesome title.
Inside a pretty looking big box, there’s the three floppy disks, a folded manual that includes, besides all basic info, the Translation Table that is simply the copy protection codes that are asked when you start the game. Also inside comes a Kixx XL complete catalogue of their re-releases back in 1992. And, finally, the crown jewel: Dr. Henry Jones diary, like the one we see in the movie. I haven’t read it yet, but I believe that it’s filled with interesting stuff. It has hand drawings, sketches, newspaper pieces, letters and even the map showing the canyon of the crescent moon! It looks like it was written by hand. It’s just amazing the awesome stuff that used to come inside these big boxes back in the day.

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