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PushStart #56: the very First Portuguese Retro Gaming Magazine

Be aware: this newly arrived physical mag is only available by ordering it through it's own website!

Question: So, what's the fuss all about?
Answer: It's a printable mag mainly about retro gaming (90%)! Cool!

Q: But, is it any good?
A: Well... hummmmm.... It's so freakingly good! And written by people that really knows about (retro) gaming, not being influenced by brands or sponsors or whatever! There! I said it!

To commemorate PushStart's 5th birthday, the guys behind the project decided to embark into a new adventure converting their digital and free publication into a physical and paid version.
Right after its announcement on facebook, I immediately order it using the online form available in PushStart's website, and the mag was delivered at my door step four days later.

With delicious graphical details, awesome writing and clever sections, PushStart #56 is an amazing piece of enjoyable reading, the good old fashioned way! I must applaud the iniciative from this group of guys that, most of them, collect video games, related stuff and also have their own youtube channels.
pic. 1
pic. 3
The Mentor of the project is, no more nor less, Ivan Barroso, Portuguese video game designer, historian, professor and writer, with some books already published (pictures 1 and 2) and another on its way (picture 3), and also had time to contribute to Sam Pettus' "Service Games - The Rise And Fall of Sega" (picture 4). So, I believe that PushStart is, indeed, in good hands!

pic. 2
pic. 4
I don't want to spoil anything, but, even so, there are some aspects that I would like to mention that could be rectified (or not) in future issues:

• the extreme good paper quality that must be handled with care if we want to preserve the magazine;

• the use of the Times New Roman font (or similar), maybe for a more retro feeling (??);

• in an issue dedicated to the Amiga 500, I was surprised that they didn't mention the A300 and its repositioning as A600, that came to be the substitute of the A500+.
Three minor details that are attenuated by the inspiring and passionate writing from PushStart's team.

Before you ask, yes, it is definitely worth buying because of all the things I've just wrote, even for the Times New Roman aspect! Believe me, you won't be disapointed! Unless you don't know how to read Portuguese.. now, that's a serious problem..

To conclude, I must highlight the team's relaxed and honest depicted opinions and, as well, the rather amusing and highly entertaining unveiling of their very own experiences with video games thrughout the years. That's what PushStart was always about, right from the beginning: an awesome, compelling and extremely enjoyable (retro) gaming publication!

I'm now desperately waiting for PushStart #57 that will arrive in November!

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  1. Thanks for the feedback! New issue will be soon :)

  2. We now want to see a video review ")
    Great feedback! It's nice to see such a good welcome from the retrogaming comunity in Portugal.
    Keep up your also excellent work!!