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[re-up] ERBE & TOPO Soft - Spanish Golden Age - It's a Pixel THING - Ep.#49

NOTE: This is a re-upload of Episode 49. A small fact/detail was inaccurate and is now corrected. A big "thank you" to my viewers that pointed that one out! ;)

Spanish publisher ERBE Software fought, in late 80s, a huge battle against piracy drastically reducing the prices of original games. At a certain point, in 1985, created their own branch for software development to separate it from the main publishing business. So, TOPO Soft was born.

Let's take a look at how this all happened!

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This video features the following music and/or games (in order of appearance):

• SCIRREAL (module)

• GOODBYE (module)

• GLOBC2XT (module)

• Survivor (ZX Spectrum)

• Stardust (Amstrad CPC)

• Desperado (ZX Spectrum)

• Silent Shadow (ZX Spectrum)

• Silent Shadow (Commodore 64)

• Black Beard (ZX Spectrum)

• Chicago's 30 (Commodore 64)

• Tuareg (ZX Spectrum)

• Titanic (MS-DOS)

• Coliseum (ZX Spectrum)

• Score 3020 (Amstrad CPC)

• Wells & Fargo (Amstrad CPC)

• Rock'n Roller (ZX Spectrum)

• Rock'n Roller (MS-DOS)

• Emilio Butragueño Futbol! (Commodore 64)

• Viage al Centro de la Tierra (ZX Spectrum)

• Emilio Butragueño II (MSX)

• Drazen Petrovic Basket (Amstrad CPC)

• Lorna (Commodore Amiga)

• Ice Breaker (ZX Spectrum)

• R.A.M (ZX Spectrum)

• Gremlins 2 (Commodore Amiga)

• Zona 0 (ZX Spectrum)

• GLOBCNQS (module)

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