domingo, 3 de setembro de 2017

"MEMOIRS of a SPECTRUM ADDICT", by Andy Remic - It's a Pixel THING Opinion

Welcome to this quick look into Andy Remic’s documentary “Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict”.

Andy was kind enough to send me a review copy of this two hour-long movie without any kind of compromise. But I simply have to get the word out to all fans of the ZX Spectrum, ‘cause I immediately connected with it and 2 hours wasn’t enough! I wanted more!!

It’s splattered all throughout the film that it’s a labor of love. These takes showing how it was like, back in the day, to receive one of these machines by Christmas, at our anniversary and, at school, talking to friends about this new game, are packed with nostalgia! Man, so nostalgic! Indeed!!

I lived through all these moments and that’s why this documentary has the power to really mess up with my feelings! In a good way, obviously! And the presence and personal stories from living legends like Jim Bagley, Mark Jones, Simon Butler, the Oliver Twins, Steve Turner, Jon Hare, Oliver Frey, etc, can really intensify the historical and genuine side of such a personal portrayal of that era that could be our own!

Also, the presence of, let’s say, "normal" dudes like Lord Arse (Mark Howlett) and Ant Harper just adds that extra familiar and cozy feeling! You know?

I highly recommend it for all Sinclair fans, but mostly to those that really grew up loving and breathing the ZX Spectrum and its huge library of games!

I would love to see extra content related to “Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict”, but, while that doesn’t surface, I’m gonna watch the whole thing again!

Check the link below. You can get it via download, DVD or Blu-ray!

Thank you so much, Andy! An amazing documentary that really describes those thrilling years! You’ve completely nailed it! And I’ve enjoyed every second of it!

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