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Big Red Racing (1996) PC (DOS) Review

Initially planned for a bunch of different systems, the only version that has seen the light of day was the PC one.

Developed by Big Red Software and published by Domark, Big Red Racing was released in the beginning of 1996 and, when I play it, I still laugh so hard that I end up losing all the races!

There are 6 cups and 24 courses to master, that covers various points of the globe and, also, the Moon and planet Mars and Venus. To drive through them you must choose one of two vehicle options available before each race. Speaking of vehicles, there’s 16 and they range from a normal car – mini or beetle – helicopters, monster truck and dumper truck, and even hover craft. In some tracks it is also possible to ignore the path and discover other areas with jumps and various obstacles. Just imagine the craziness present in this game!
Also, in the selection screen, you can customize your player and vehicle colour and decals.

It was released only on CD-ROM and it takes advantage of the extra CD storage space to give you some groovy themes by Hangnail and Gerard Gurley.

It offers also a split screen multiplayer mode and the possibility to play through your home network with up to 6 players. So, there’s a lot going on in this crazy title. And the game is incredibly fun in multiplayer mode! You and your buddies just can’t stop laughing because of all the craziness and dumb commentaries!

It can be, sometimes, a bit disgusting to some people, because of all the farting, belching and smart-ass remarks that assaults the player almost all the time. If it starts to irritate you, just turn it off at the options menu. But, commentator’s in-your-face lines during the race are that little extra stuff that makes all the difference and turns this game into a classic.

It might not be a great looking game and have these sometimes awkward controls, but it sure is great fun!

Unfortunately and spite all these good or bad or disgusting arguments, Big Red Racing kinda passed unnoticed back in 1996. Don’t know why..

I think that this game was the last Big Red Software title before they merged, in 1995, with Eidos. It was, perhaps, because of this fact that all the other planned versions were canceled.

It surely would have been great to play this game on the Playstation, Saturn, 3DO, Nintendo 64 and Atari Jaguar.

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