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The Untouchables [1989, C64] Review

Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Andy Garcia joined forces to hunt down Robert De Niro in this amazing movie from 1987 under the direction of Brian De Palma.
Two years later, Ocean Software, the masters in movie and arcade conversions, puts us through six levels of hoodlum hassling.

The Untouchables are a special group of guys who have the power to do whatever is necessary to keep the civilians safe. So, we’ll be facing all sorts of bandits loyal to Al Capone’s own law to oppress and threaten the innocents of Chicago.

The game was available for Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, MSX, DOS, NES and the Super NES, but the version that really stand out from the crowd was, besides the one for the ZED X Spectrum, the Commodore 64, that obtained 96% in Zzap!64 magazine.

If you liked the movie, the game is even better!

The first level, a multidirectionally scrooling platform shoot’em up type of thing, takes us to this warehouse which Capone’s gang use as their base. We need to gather some evidence of their illicit activities. In the top right of the screen an arrow will pop up showing you the direction to take to grab that evidence. In the process, pick up any extra ammunition and energy that you can find.

All levels are taken from scenes from the movie, so, in the next section, we’ll find ourselves rolling on the floor of this bridge at the US/Canadian border where Capone’s thugs attempt to illegally cross over a shipment of liquor. Shoot the barrels till they explode and, when low on energy, change your Untouchable going to the far right or the far left by shooting the bottom right corner of the character icon the appears on screen.

Next up, the alley level on our way to the train station where we must stop Capone’s accountant from leaving the country. We must get him, and the evidence, before the train leaves, but that’s not gonna be easy, as the villains are waiting for us on every corner and will try to surprise us at every turn. Once again, you have the option to chance character once in a defensive position against the wall.

Finally, at the train station, we begin chasing this runaway baby, complete with pram, down a long flight of stairs, while killing the thugs that try to get in the way. Avoid enemy fire and any obstructions and, as well, we must also avoid shooting any innocent bystanders. Run over the medical packs to restore your energy.

When this baby is safe with her mother, we’ll be faced with a hostage situation, just like the one we saw in Robocop. The accountant has been held by one of his own henchman that threatens to shoot him in ten seconds if you do not lay down your guns. In our first opportunity, we must take the thug down with a bullet through his skull. This is the only way to be sure that he releases the accountant.

With all the evidence collected, Capone is finally in court for his own trial. However, Frank, Capone’s hitman, is still at large. We must chase him across the court rooftop ‘till he falls to his bloody death down on the streets.

The Super NES version of The Untouchables have amazing graphics and sound, but failed to score big time on this platform ‘cause it was really difficult to use the gamepad in the shooting sequences.

The team behind the Robocop game have come up with another blockbuster title. Commodore 64 version of The Untouchables has extremely detailed graphics and some outstanding music that really gets you into the action.

Let me know, below, if you played this game or if movie conversions weren’t your thing back in those days.

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